Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta love 1 day sales!

We went to Meadow Lake last week for an overnight trip. We had some minor work to get done on the truck so instead of leaving stupid-early we decided to go in the night before. Of course, our first stop was McDonald's for Joey, who is obsessed with it. While walking around the next day waiting for the truck, I noticed a sign that local outfitter in Meadow Lake was having a "Friday Madness Sale", and of course being the good wife I am pointed it out to Rob. I joked that I would be going in with him so he didn't spend to much money. Well, it was ME that convinced him to buy this suit. He needed / wanted a white suit, as here in Saskatchewan you can either wear Hunter's Orange OR white. The entire store was 50% off, so he ended up getting the whole suit for just under 100.00, and I convinced him to buy the boots he was looking at which were waterproof hikers (which he did need), which were at steal at 44.99. He laughed as we left the store, saying he wouldn't have spent nearly as much as he did if I hadn't come in with him. I'm such a good wife! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It was so beautiful here today that we had to get out of the house. We decided to take the boys skiing. The initial plan was for Rob, Colby and I to ski and Rob was going to pull Joey along behind us in a sled. That worked just until we all had skiis on and Joey realized he didn't have any. So it ended up with Rob and Colby skiing and Joe and I playing in the snow. You can see the rest of the pictures HERE

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're still here!

Crazy week, as usual. I have now started to take pictures in RAW which takes a little longer to get them on here, because it's no longer just upload from the camera and go. I'm not complaining, I've been learning how to use Photoshop (*GASP* yes I know) and I have been experimenting. I can't wait until it warms up enough to get outside and take pictures. Taking pictures in the house HONKS, unless you live in Clare's House.

Yep, that's Joe under there. I drove around for the better part of 1/2 hour with that on his head, and hit every wall.

This reminds me so much of my brother it's scary. Anyone that knows BJ will see the resemblance. I wish I had a picture to compare it to.
Daddy's glasses. We popped the lenses out of the glasses and let them play with the frames. Someone PLEASE tell me when this child grew up? We spiked his hair and he wanted to have pictures done. You can see the rest HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crazy week! (Yes, this is for YOU Kara!)

This has been a crazy busy week here. Joey has been sick all week and of course, when he doesn't sleep, no one does. I have felt like a walking zombie but luckily we are through it. Tomorrow we are having a fundraiser for the preschool that I work for. We are selling chili and bannock. We are also having a rummage sale / bake sale and we're hoping to have a good turn out. Of course, there will be pictures!

I was out driving today and saw this skidoo. In a town where skidoos are more popular than vehicles this time of year, I was very surprised to see this one abandoned. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. If only this machine could talk, I can just imagine the stories it could tell!

Flour everywhere, including on him! Thowing the flour.
There is a little piece of dough under his hands.
My pastry chef. I can't make bread without him. Trust me, I tried.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok Where do I start!?

Ok, I love dogs, no secret. There has been a little mutt hanging around the house over the last couple of days. Colby and I decided to go out and shovel the deck this morning and low and behold, who is LIVING under our back deck, the little Mutt. She saw us coming and was so thrilled to have the company, she was tinkling before we even got near her. She hung around the entire time we were out there. She took to Colby right away and he seemed to like her as well. I had to explain it to him...She doesn't belong to us. I told him that some people don't love their dogs as much as others. I asked him if he would let his dog run freely in the middle of winter with nothing to eat except garbage, and he was shocked! He actually shouted back at me, "NO!" I DON'T GET IT!!! What I have a hard time understanding is why someone would go through the trouble to have a dog, put a collar on it and let it roam freely! The temperatures obviously are dangerously cold even for dogs, and she is still a friggin puppy!!! Why do you even bother getting a dog if you are not up to the task of providing for it. Probably the same people who don't know where their kids are at 4am. Luckily there isn't a dog catcher around until the spring, I couldn't bare to see these dogs being shot, it should be the "so called" owners who get punished for letting their animals roam free. I think we should slap a collar around THEIR neck, deprive them of shelter, and let them feed themselves garbage during the -30 deg winter temperatures. Thanks for listening to me RANT....... Rob

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously, what are we teaching our kids???

In a cavern, In a canyon, Excavating for a mine, Dwelt a miner forty-niner, And his daughter Clementine.

Chorus: Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling Clementine, You are lost and gone forever, Dreadful sorry Clementine.

Repeat chorus Light she was and like a fairy, And her shoes were number nine; Herring boxes, without topses, Sandals were for Clementine.

Repeat chorus

Drove she ducklings to the water, Every morning just at nine;

Hit her foot against a splinter, Fell into the foaming brine.

Repeat chorus

Ruby lips above the water, Blowing bubbles, soft and fine;

But Alas! I was no swimmer, So I lost my Clementine.

Repeat chorus

When the miner forty-niner,Soon began to peak and pine,

Thought he oughter "jine" his daughter,Now he's with his clementine.

Repeat chorus

In a corner of the churchyard,Where the myrtle boughs entwine,

Grow the roses in their poses, Fertilized by Clementine.

Repeat chorus

In my dreams she still doth haunt me, Robed in garments soaked in brine.

Though in life I used to hug her, Now she's dead, I'll draw the line.

Repeat chorus

How I missed her, how I missed her How I missed my Clementine.

So I kissed her little sister, And forgot my Clementine.

Repeat chorus

Now you Boy Scouts, there's a moral To this little tale of mine.

Artificial respiration, Would have saved my Clementine.

OH.MY.GOD. I remember learning this song in school, but I don't remember being taught THESE lyrics! What a horrible song!!!

Goodbye old friend

Sadly, we lost a member of the family tonight. He has moved on to a local family here in town who hopefully will love him as much as we did. We'll miss you Chester.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stupid cold

This is what we woke up to Wednesday morning. It was so cold out that it didn't even register. I think it was -45 or something equally as stupid.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My week in pictures

Rob has been away since last Monday, which is why I haven't posted. Being a temporary single parent is exhausting! My hats off to any of you reading this who do this full time. And in true Tina fashion, I'm just gonna post a bunch of pictures.

The CRAZY amount of snow we have.

My cranky kid. He hates getting his picture taken.
He's screaming "NO PICTURES". Brat.
He's still screaming.
I tricked him and told him I was done. hehe.
I got nothin. He's picking the lint of his toes. I can't make up anything that would even be remotely believable otherwise.
Lego, lego and more lego. Thankfully they are both really good at picking them all up when they are done. Only 2 pieces got sucked up by the vacuum.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Canada Moms Blog

I received an email today inviting me to be part of a panel on a new blog called Canada Moms Blog. It is part of a big blogger community based in Silicone Valley CA, which has become a HUGE thing. They are branching it to Canada and although I was invited on a conference call tonight to hear all about it due to the time difference I couldn't do it. I just got off the phone with a woman from California who told me all about this. She has also sent me an abundance of emails regarding this, including a contract for me to sign. Needless to say I'll be printing this off to read it VERY CAREFULLY. Have any of you heard of / been contacted by this group? I'm super interested but I can't help but be skeptical. Their site is HERE

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mini vacation

We decided since we had a 3 day weekend we would take the boys on a mini vacation out of town. We spent the night in North Battleford, and of course we had our fill of Wal Mart, McDonald's, Boston Pizza and of course Tim Hortons!

This is one of the many dilapadated shacks along the side of the road. I purposely took my camera on this trip to take pictures of them!


I want this one!

The rest of the pictures can be seen HERE