Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mother Nature really is a B*tch

Mother Nature hates me. I'm now convinced of it. She likes to make my life miserable. Why, do you ask? Well, here's why. As soon as I got my clothes line, I was so excited to hang out clothes that I went foolish hanging it out. And as soon as I put it out, the sun would go away and it would rain. Am I exaggerating? No sir-e-bob, I am not. I would curse her, my friend Charlene would laugh at me cursing her, and then curse ME as she would have to return home to take in HER clothes. This continued for MONTHS. Now, this month, we planted a garden. Keep in mind, it rained for almost a week straight before we planted the garden. As soon as we put it in, it was like a freakin' desert here. No rain. We had to bale water from the lake to water the garden. I continued to curse her, and my friend continued to curse ME for cursing her. Yesterday, day four million and ten without rain (at least it felt like it) I washed clothes and put it on the line. I got lazy and left it out overnight, figuring I would bring it in today when I came home on my lunch. And guess what? Mother-freakin-Nature decided to have some fun with me and IT RAINED. I had to run home and quickly pull in my clothes. Now, this morning at 10am it was so bright and hot outside that we had to bring the preschoolers back inside. By 11:30, it was raining. She hates me. I swear. I'm convinced I hear her laughing as I pull in my clothes in the rain.


Jody said...

Its sod's law Tina. That's why I just leave the damn clothes out there (if they aren't dry) as its bound to get sunny eventually!

Anonymous said...

Really? It was hot enough for you to take in the pre-schoolers? It couldn't have been THAT hot, lol. Just curious, what was the temp? (Or is it because they are pre-schoolers and they are extra sensitive?)...lol.

Ya, best to just leave your clothes out or use a dryer...hehe.

Matthew said...

When living south I once put all the laundry out to dry in the morning and them left for the day. I didn't know it but an afternoon thundertorm went through the area and rained on my cloths. The weight of the wet cloths on the line snapped the clothsline pole and all my cloths landed in the mud. Not a happy return home.