Monday, July 05, 2010

Our camping weekend

We had such fun this weekend. We went camping in Big River Regional Park, about 2 hours from here. The site was HUGE and the people were very friendly. The boys both love camping, and so does the dog. I'm so glad we decided to do this. What great memories we're making. This is what I wanted. Now get comfy, because there is a shitload of pictures!

My little hams.

Never a serious moment with these two. Princess Pebbles.
He was doing a happy dance because he hit his dad with a Nerf football.
So grown up!
Pure evil.
He wanted a picture by the flowers.
"Read between the lines"
This is Moe, our new generator. We love Moe. Do you know where the name is from?
Where we stayed.
He's turning into a little man. I want him to stop growing up.
These Nerf footballs were the greatest buy ever.
Our home away from home. The "true" Joey. My husband LOVES getting his picture taken, can't you tell?
The sleeping princess.
Eating leaves, what a kid.
Playing around.


Jody said...

I LOVE the faces Joey pulls :)

Anonymous said...

...but what are you feeding them??? They have grown so incredibly much since last summer!

Trace said...

Moe's Tavern Prank Call Generator?

Mom/Nanny said...

The boys have changed their looks since May.Colby looks alot like BJ and Joey looks just like you with that innocent look,that batting those eye lashes,he could get away with almost anything.I remember when you were that age,Poppy came to your rescue more than once and yes you loved it.You were Poppys girl.

Way Way Up said...

I've been through the Big River area a coupld times and wish I had had more time to take it all in. Nice country.