Sunday, August 22, 2010

Like I don't have enough to do in a run of a day....

I've started canning. I LOVE having canned veggies in the winter. Unfortunately our community garden has been overtaken by weeds, due to a lack of follow through by the organizers. It has certainly helped me develop a green thumb, and I plan to have a garden in my backyard next year. Through the amazing generosity of people in this town, I was given approximately 20lbs (yep, you read that right) of green tomatoes, beets the size of turnips and pickling cukes. The beets will be cooked today (as soon as Rob comes home with more jars) and more Nova Scotia Chow will be made tomorrow. Many people have asked me for the recipe for the Nova Scotia Chow, so here it is.

Nova Scotia Chow Chow (green tomato relish)

This is served with the Saturday night Baked Beans that many Maritimers love.

16 cups finely sliced green tomatoes

8 cups sliced onions

Sprinkle well with pickling salt, and let sit overnight.

In the morning drain and put in a large pot, add 3 Cups vinegar, 6 Cups sugar, and 1/2 cup pickling spices (in a bag)

Cook ,stirring often, until soft and thickened somewhat.

Seal in hot sterile jars. Makes about 6 pints.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I make chow every year! Your recipe looks the exact same as the one I use from my mother in law!

Demeter said...

You are so organized! How do you do that? With two little ones, a job, a hubby, and this amount of cooking? I take my hat off for you!

Trace said...

I made mustard pickles yesterday. Have you had them before? I normaly pickle them and beets every year but I'm still left with some of last years beets, so I'm not making more of those this year. I never liked chow or ever made it but my mother does. However I have made bread & butter pickles before that turned out yummy.