Monday, August 02, 2010

Nipawin, Saskatchewan

Our maiden voyage in "Coach" was to Nipawin Regional Park. Friends of ours from here were posted there (he is RCMP) and we decided to head in their direction (and truth be told, if you haven't booked a serviced site in January for any of the provincial parks here you're shit out of luck). So off we went to Nipawin. It's so beautiful there that we have decided to book there again in 2 weeks time to say for a mini 4 day vacation. Here's hoping Rob can get the time off.

I keep a journal in the trailer of our "camping adventures", and I will be typing those later here to the blog. It's easier to type that, so I will have a digital copy should anything happen, and you can have a better idea of how the vacation was, since I write as we go along. Here's a few pics just to show, and when I add the journal entry later tonight I'll add more pics.

"Green Kitt"

Mini golf was a huge hit.
We bought Pebbles a new harness.
So excited to get there!

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