Monday, November 15, 2004

Holy S**T It's Cold!

It's Monday morning and I am at dad's thawing out. We lost the power yesterday at lunch time and as of 8:55 am Monday morning it's STILL not back. Colby spent the night last night with mom and dad but we decided to stay home in case the power came back on. That was a HUGE mistake this morning. Last night was fine as we pulled the sleeping bag out and put it on the bed. According to Nova Scotia Power, it may be DAYS before we get our power back. We seem to be the only area in Sackville effected as most other places, like here at Dad's, is back on. They only lost their power for a couple of hours. We had the Coleman Lantern on last night for a while to light up the house, but you can only leave that on for so long inside. Burnside Industrial Park is pretty much shut down due to 4 main transformer stations collapsing under the weight of the snow, but of course Convergys is still open! They will never close as they have back up generators. But, you would think generators will only last for so long. Highfield Park, where the call centre is located, is still shut down. There are also 2 main transformers in Sackville that collapsed, which is why I am still without power. The worst thing about it is that I have a tankful of tropical fish that don't like the cold and are to be in a tank with water anywhere from 78 -82 degrees. When we left the house, the tank was at 60 and dropping. I'm afraid we're going to lose them if the power doesn't come back, but it may stress them out even more if I take them out of there. fsaqdfnoweiruslnvaksjfboiwqeurwolfmajksghbqoew. (you can just imagine what that translates to!) FREAKIN' SNOW!

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