Monday, November 22, 2004

Anonymous is not anonymous anymore

Well, don't I just feel like a shit that jumped the gun. I had a call on my phone last night from a good friend of mine in NB that we missed, so I called her back this morning. It seems that SHE is anonymous, who left the first message. It was a harmless message commenting on the length of my blogs lately. I laughed. Now, as I look at it from her writing it, that makes sense. She said that it just seems like my blogs are getting longer and longer. Nothing like a case of a comment being misintrepreted and blown out of porportion. Though, I must admit, I'm kind of dissapointed that it wasn't "A" after all. That could have been fun! I think my past is coming back to haunt me in many ways. There is a guy at work that just got promoted to supervisor. I have never noticed him before this week. If he had long, pin staight blonde hair he would remind me of someone I used to know. He has the eye color and smile. It's kind of freaky, seeing I haven't seen the guy that I used to know in years, and suddenly I feel like I'm working with his twin. If the guy I know wasn't an only child, I would be convinced they were brothers!

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