Thursday, November 04, 2004

Happy 3rd Birthday Colby

I can't believe my little boy turned 3 today! I was looking at his first album and my heart just swells with pride, seeing how my little baby is growing up. It seems like just yesterday, not 3 years ago I was just meeting the other man in my life who holds my heart. We were on the go all day. We went and had lunch with Gramma Jeannine, who took us to Jungle Jim's. As we were walking out of her office, she started to go towards her car, and I reminded her that we would need a carseat for Colby. No worries, she said. She kept the one I loaned her IN HER CAR! Off we went in her car to a fabulous lunch. She called ahead and told the girls that it was his birthday, and they came out with a piece of cake with a sparkler in it and sang happy birthday to him! He loved it and she loves him very much. She bought him a great new outfit and a new bedtime book to read. I had my camera at Jungle Jim's and I should have the pictures back tomorrow. From there we went over to get Kassie and went to see Gramma and Grandpa. Grandpa filled him up with chocolate and we brought in new pictures for their wall. Gramma is still very sick, but she is getting better. She has pnemonia. From there we went to Nanny's, who HAD to buy him something, so she bought him new winter boots with Bob the Builder and Poppy bought him a new Toronto Maple Leafs touque and gloves. From there we went to Pets Unlimited where Anthony and Kass bought him 6 new fish for his tank. All he keeps talking about is his birthday party, and while we were waiting for the fish, he was inviting complete strangers to the party! We also received many calls today, Lindsay, BJ and Kelly ( who may not make it this weekend as Kelly is sick) and cards from my grandmother and Aunt Donna in Newfoundland. He also received an e-card from the women at Colby Physioclinic. My little boy is very loved!

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