Friday, November 19, 2004

Little bothered

There was a comment left on my blog anonymously that I must admit, is very bothersome. As I sit here and read my last blog, it can be intrepreted in many ways. I admit, I was tired when I wrote that. There is nothing vendictive or mean about it, or it was not intended to be. I have a feeling I know who left the message, and I must admit I do not like the fact that whoever it was did not leave their name. Everyone loves "gossip from highschool", well maybe not everyone but I do. I like to hear what has happened to people. If the two people mentioned in my blog, and if you don't know me well then you really don't know who I'm talking about which is why it does not include names, end up together, well, hey, I'm happy that they found happiness. I just thought it was interesting how present life and criss-cross with past life experiences. I toyed with the idea of removing it from my blog all together, but you know what, dammit, it's MY blog and I'm allowed to comment on what I like. If ya don't like it, well, there's a red X in the top right hand corner of your screen, there's no one stopping you from pressing it! Though, now that I have taken a moment before writing more, I do enjoy comments, and would really appreciate if people are going to post, please tell me who you are. I feel that I have "touched a nerve" with someone, and if ya don't like it or don't agree, feel free to tell me. But at least give me the courtesy of knowing who I've pissed off.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's the problem with blogs - people will leave comments but hide behind anonymity and then say things they might or might not otherwise say.

You saw the share of hurtful comments being left on my wedding blog, so much so that I finally had to change my comment provider so I could delete the hurtful ones.

Anyhow, I didn't find your blog entry insensitive or mean - your point came across fairly clear - just how small a world it is and how neat it can be that paths can cross at odd times.

And despite all the A's and B's, I *think* I know who you were referring too. Was it A or B that posted to your blog do you think? Or would they even know about it?


Tina said...

I think that it was "A" that left a comment, but I cannot be sure. I can't see it being "B", as I have not spoken to that individual for many years. For all I know, it was someone I don't even know that just stumbled upon my blog. But I didn't see the hurtful comments on your blog, they were deleted by you before I did.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, somehow, I'm not overly surprised to think about A and B hooking up. The A and B I remember of course :).