Friday, September 02, 2005

There are some good people left!

With the latest gas prices, Rob and I were seriously contemplating how we were going to be able to go to Cape Breton next weekend for our god daughter's christening. Gas is not something we even factored in when we told A&G that we would be down. Of course, as god parents we really should be there. I had a guy from work and his fiancee lined up to stay at the house for the weekend we were away with Koda, but without getting into details they are no longer together and he told me the other day that he was no longer able to stay at the house. I had talked with a woman in my office named Leanne when I found out about the breakup, just to see if her and her bf would cover for me. She, god love her, said she would immediately. I spoke to her again about it when I found out that I was without a dog sitter, and she said that she had already mentioned it to her bf and he was excited about the prospect of spending the weekend. She lives with her grandmother and he has room mates, so privacy is something that they crave. We had plans this weekend to go to the Cameron's Labor Day Bash in Bridgewater with the motorhome, but again with gas prices we cancelled those plans. I was on the phone at work talking to Rob about cancelling the plans for the motorhome and mentioned to him the cost that was going to be involved in travelling to Cape Breton. Leanne, who sits behind and across from me (picture an X, I'm the top left and she's the bottom right). Anyways, she pipes up "Since I'll be at your house the entire weekend, you should just take my car". She drives a VW Golf DIESEL. Diesel prices right now are still 99.9, and she gets 1000/km to a tank of fuel. So, we're off to Cape Breton in a new VW Golf! She's just such a kind spirit, and to generously offer her fuel economic vehicle just tops it! Cancelling Cape Breton was really never an option, even if we had to shuttle it down, but this is the absolute perfect situation!

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jods said...

I assume you can count Leanne as a good and proper friend!