Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Busy weekend

We have been on the go all weekend. it's nice to be able to just sit and relax. We went to a "Marriage vow blessing" for an old friend of Rob's. They got married in England by a JP, and then had a traditional ceremony in India where she's from, and then did the blessing here. It was very nice. Colby and the girls had a blast. Joey was a doll and was great through the entire thing.

Sunday we went to Oakfield Park for a summer picnic with Winners. It was HOT. Colby had fun, and Joey slept in the snugglie with me. I, well, I have a massive sunburn on my neck and shoulders from the day. But, at least it was me that was burnt and not the boys!

Sunday evening we went to Rob's mom's for a BBQ. Joey was fussy by this time and wanted to just go home. We took the kids to the beach to let them burn off some excess energy. I think we brought 1/2 of Queensland home with us by the amount of sand I had to sweep up!

Yesterday the Chenell family came out and we had supper here. Lloyd, Don and Rob put new doors on the shed, which was long overdue. Again, it was damn hot here! Joey was still a bit out of sorts. I'm now convinced he's teething.

We went down to Tawny's mom's last night to meet up with her, Taylor, Jody, her boys and lots of others. Joey was again, a bit out of sorts, but was smiling and laughing as soon as Tawny's brother John took him! Jody looks fabulous, and her boys are much too cute! Colby and Connor hit it right off, and Alex reminds me of Harry Potter!


Valentina said...

Sounds like a very busy and FUN week-end! I love your pictures! Your boys are SO cute :)

jods said...

Your boys are great! And the only thing fabulous about how I look is the gorgeous baby snuggled into me! (Thank you though :) It was so fun to see you and Colby again and meet Rob and Joey. You are a great family.

Tina said...

I'm glad we hooked up. Will try to get down again before you leave!