Friday, August 18, 2006

First night in his own room

We moved Joey to his own room today. He has been sleeping through the night for the past month, and really, there is no reason he needs to remain in our room. I'm having mixed emotions about this. On one hand, my little boy is sleeping through the night and progressing very well. He is no longer colic, and is becoming a very pleasant baby. On the other hand, he will no longer be in the room with us, and there will be no further babies sharing the room with us anymore. It's actually quite sad in a way. I don't expect to get much sleep tonight, as everytime he moves and I hear it through the monitor (which is right by my head and on the adjoining wall of the boys so I can hear them both) I'll be awake. I can't believe how quick he's growing.

Colby is very excited about starting school. For the past week he has been at a Baptist Church bible day camp. It was 2 hours a day for 4 days. He loved it. They were grouped in Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2. So, now he keeps asking me "when am I going to primary". Luckily I can say " In 3 weeks honey". He will be going for full days, 9 - 2:30, Monday to Friday. We were practicing tonight on how to tie his shoes. I am at a disadvantage on teaching this to him as he is left handed and I am not. Everything I am showing him is backwards to him. I'm going to hav eto see if I can find anything on the internet that may help me in teaching him. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Valentina said...

How did Joey's first night in his own room go? Mike is also left-handed and ties his shoes backwards.I asked him how he was taught. Apparently, hehe was shown the same way we were, just started with the left lace instead of the right... sorry I couldn't be more help ;)