Monday, August 28, 2006

Our weekend away

Rob and I went to Annapolis Royal this weekend to attend Brad and Christine's wedding. They are long time friends of ours, and the wedding was outdoor and very beautiful. The wedding took place at the Historic Gardens, which is very scenic. It was very busy that day, and I'm sure we saw at least 3 other brides that day getting married. They were married in front of a little pond, and one of the funniest moments of the ceremony is when the minister said " In all my years of performing this ceremony, I have never felt as vunerable as I do right now" (as you can see, his back is to the pond). It was not easy for me to take pictures, as it was a standing wedding and people kept putting their heads in the way. I did manage to get this picture, which I quite like.

We stayed a beautiful Bed and Breakfast called the King George Inn. The innkeeper Faye was a great woman, very "proud" if you know what I mean. I forgot to take a picture of the flags hanging outside. There is a multiculture flag, and a Rainbow flag. When you walk in, there are rainbows everywhere. Very very cool. We'll definately go back there again. We stayed in the honeymoon suite, just by fluke because when I called to book it she had just had a cancellation for this room and gave it to us as a great price. The tub was nice, the jets were VERY nice, but I still like my tub!

I took this picture from the car. Not bad for travelling on the highway!

We walked the length of the road, but the muffin man must've moved because we couldn't find him!


Valentina said...

Oh Tina! You have no idea, but you made me shed some nostalgia tears with your last post. Mike comes from a little town near Annapolis Royal, so I know the area very well. You are right, the Historic Gardens are wonderful... I WANT TO GO BACK!!!

Kass said...

We know where the muffin man went. He was kidnapped after the gingerbread man said where he was from the torture he went through in losing his legs and gumdrop buttons !!!