Sunday, October 29, 2006

To hell with housework

I was attempting to clean up the kitchen today when I heard Joey squeal with delight. I turned around to see Colby playing with him, and Joey had great big "belly laughs". So I thought "To hell with housework" and quickly grabbed the camera.

Colby's favorite jammies right now are these camo ones. Rob had his hunting stuff out and Colby couldn't resist wearing this hat.

Colby has a real bad habit of running and sliding across the kitchen and livingroom floor. He has taken a few good spills, so out of frusteration I bought him "grippy" socks. I was feeling pretty smart about that, thinking I had just outsmarted him, until I looked at his feet tonight. I had to snap this picture while chuckling to myself. Only my kid would wear them upside down.


Valentina said...

I love the first couple of pictures! BTW, I have added you to my MSN contact list. Looking forward to chatting with you :)

Anonymous said...

That's freaking hilarious. Smart Kid!