Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I never thought Jerry Springer would make me cry

I just finished watching Dancing with the Stars, which I admit I am hooked on. Jerry Springer said he wanted to be on the show long enough to learn the waltz for his daughter's wedding. He danced it beautifully, and sang the song "The Tennessee Waltz" to his partner as they were dancing. I bawled like a baby. He looked like such a proud dad, and you could tell that he was imagining that he was dancing with his daughter (his partner is young enough to be his daughter). At the end of the dance, he walked right over to his wife and hugged her tightly. She looked so proud. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house there, and there certainly were no dry eyes here either. Even his partner was crying. It was amazing. For the guy that I didn't think would make it through the first round, I'm now hoping he wins!


Valentina said...

I have to say Jerry Springer doesn't seem like a character that would make me cry, but from what you described in your post, I would have probably shed a few tears myself. By the way, have you seen the movie or read the book "The Notebook"? Talk about crying your eyes out... I read the book a few years ago and I have only recently seen the movie. I couldn't stop crying, even hours after the movie was over!!!

Tina said...

Haven't seen it, although I want to. The escalator scene in Shall We Dance still kills me.