Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I really haven't had much time to post, but now that we're back and the kids are in bed, here I am. We drove to New Brunswick on Saturday when Rob got off work. Adam chickened out and picked a weekend with a woman over a weekend with Rob (I know, shocked me too) so we packed up the boys and the quad and away we went. We took Adam's silverado up, and the baby slept the entire way. We passed a mustang on the way (Colby's current favorite car) and when I pointed it out to him, he replied "Cool!" and then "Oh, but there's a GIRL driving it!" We arrived in Grand Bay - Westfield (I think it's technically Neperis (sp)) about 11PM. Colby was still wide awake, and when Joey woke it took a bit to get him back to sleep. Rob and the guys left the next day for a 4 hour quad ride, which he loved. Right up to the point that when he came back he realized that his glasses slipped out of the case and were crushed by the spare battery he was carrying in the side thingie. Luckily Adam had a spare pair that were slightly stronger than Rob's but the frames were almost identical. He's still wearing those now until we get out to get him a new pair. We had turkey dinner on Sunday and went to a bon fire Sunday night. She lives in a great neighourhood with a great bunch of people. I spent Monday morning taking pictures of Adelle and we were back on the road by 1Pm. We made it back home by about 6:30. Joey didn't sleep as much as the sun was beating in on him. Even though the windows in the Silverado are tinted I didn't make his tent that I have in the car and he wasn't happy with the sun. He cried for the better part of the last hour, which isn't bad considering it's a 5 hour trip.

I asked Colby to put away the sugar dish for me, and this is what I got. What a kid!


Valentina said...

YUMMY! He is SO cute, Tina ;)
BTW, it sounds like a nice Thanksgiving week-end!

Tawny said...

LOL Can you really blame him for taking advantage of such an opportunity? :)