Saturday, March 29, 2008

I like the Steak Dad!

Ok, I know you all have heard us complaining about the lack of variety in Colby's Diet. Tina and I have been really focusing on his diet and what he is/is not eating. Over the last week, we have managed to get Colby to eat a carrot, PS2/desert noodles, pork chops, oven roasted potatoes, and steak! Our supper fights are getting fewer and farther between. I hope that this is a sign of things to come. Cross your fingers, toes and whatever else you have that you can cross.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Colby!!!!


Anonymous said...

that's awesome!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Ok, so he doesn't like home made hamburgers..strike one!
He tried it at least but didn't give eating it his full effort.