Monday, March 31, 2008

Save a cow, eat a seal.

Well, I'm sure that raised a few eyebrows. I'm going to do something that I normally don't do on this blog because it has become quite a hot topic. Check out Megan and Way Way Up on my sidebar to see what I mean.

I normally love to watch the news, but lately all you see are the anti-seal hunter people. There is nothing that makes my blood boil faster than people protesting and not having all the facts. The part that drives me even MORE crazy is that this is has been going on for as long as I can recall. You see these fools all over the news, crying about how inhumane it is to harvest seals. The poor little white coat pups with the big puppy dog eyes. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Hunting seal pups is illegal, it has been since the late 80's. The latest one I heard that really made me laugh out loud is how there are seal carcuses rotting on the ice. I live in the North AND around lots of ice (hell, we drive on the ice here there is so much of it), I see lots of skidoos, dogs and people, but not one seal. Seal hunting in the north is a way of life. The entire animal is used. I will end up with a pair of seal skin mittens, and will wear them proudly knowing that I have purchased quality workmanship from a hard working person. I would LOVE to see some of these "oh the poor seal" protesters come up and spend a day in the North with a sealer, or on a boat with some Newfoundland sealers. They will see how the animals are not "beaten to death", but hunted in the most humane way. I am also sure the last time Rob and Adam went hunting rabbit and deer (which I personally think are much cuter than seals) they were not followed by protesters in choppers. Really people, know your facts before you make a fool of yourself on televison.


Anonymous said...

I need to buy a chopper for Adam's and Rob's hunting trips :-p

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the link

jen said...

I totally agree!

However I can also see how the Newfoundland hunt has caused much controversy. It is a very gruesome appearing way of hunting. I think that people are blinded by the clubbing and this is what makes them so emotional and crazy. I am curious as to why the seals are clubbed instead of shot? Does anyone know? I can't see it protecting the pelt as the clubbing looks very damaging.

Kellie said...

There isn't any "clubbing" anymore, the footage you see on television is old footage and the date is conveniently not shown. Newfoundlander's eat seal, as Tina said, everything gets used. Seals will not become extinct, DFO has learned it's lesson, and seal populations are closely monitored. Animal activists don't realize that "the hunt" is not archeaic as it was when the whaling industry was operating. DFO, government and Enviromental Scientists closely regulate the hunt. Anti-Seal Hunters need to find a new cause - like save the flies or something - it's awful how they are killed too- imagine being squat to death (I'm just kidding of course)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Love it Kellie! Do you know how they are killed? If they are not clubbed why are the sealers going on the ice, or is that old footage also? Do you know any sealers first hand? I would love to get the opinion of a sealer first hand. I think it would clear up a LOT of the controversary.

Kellie said...

Well in order to harvest the seals, after they are shot,you need to go on the ice and physically collect the carcasses. These seals are releatively heavy and that long stick thing being used is for digging into the back of the seals' skull and they drag the body close to the vessel. the seal is already dead when they do this so it's not torture it's an ergonomic method for transporting the seals from the ice to the boat. I know a couple of guys who have been on the "hunt" but they are not computer savy. But I will contact one and get more deatiled info. Like it gets my goat - these animal activists - i just watched a news report on Somalians defecting to Yemen and they are actually thrown off boats and made to swim ashore often not surviving. Like help our fellow humans first. I'd also like to add Animals were put on earth for the sustainance of human life, maybe the activists should watch "The Lion King" - maybe they might get that whole circle of life thing if they did.

Megan said...

90% of the seals are killed with a single bullet, but a few are still clubbed. They are not tortured or skinned alive. It simply does not make sense for anyone to skin an animal alive: this would wreck the skin. But then, PETA doesn't need to make any sense.

I agree that the footage is horrific, but it's not even close to what you could see any day of the week in a slaughterhouse.

Kellie said...

Story From

Sealer Says Sea Shepherd Society Vessel Could Have Caused Tragedy
April 2, 2008

A sealer living in Cape Breton who was in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this past weekend says the Farley Mowat instigated what could have been a tragedy. Speaking on VOCM Night Line with Linda Swain, Robert, who is originally from this province's west coast, says they had guys hunting seals on the ice when the Farley Mowat started causing problems. Robert says after DFO threatened to charge those on the Farley Mowat in the morning, the vessel returned in the afternoon and began breaking up the ice where the sealers were hunting. Robert alleges the Sea Shepherd Society came dangerously close to the sealers. Robert says the Sea Shepherd Society vessel refused to stop what they were doing, even when they were signalled to do so by the sealers. Robert says they feared for their lives but the ship continued breaking up the ice.

Anonymous said...

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