Friday, February 27, 2009

The dentist and the face dance

Rob and I had dentist appointments today, admittedly the first in a while. I had a great check up, no cavities (yeah for me) but Rob had to have one of his fillings fixed as part of it fell out. Here is the conversation that happened in the truck on the way home.

Him: So I never changing dentists. I have to tell you about my appointment.

Me: Oh really. Why is that?

Him: Well, do you remember the hygenist that was in the clinic? (Me nodding). We were chatting for a while about nothing in particular, and then we started the appointment. She reclined the chair back and I was just about to start watching the TV in the ceiling when I felt something rub against my arm. She had to lower the chair that I was on because she was short and her boobs rubbed up against my arm. She didn't notice so I didn't say anything in case I embarrased her.

(Yeah right I'm thinking! hehe. And honestly, what man is going to say "Excuse me, can you take your boobs off my arm?)

She was getting everything ready to start my filling, and when she leaned over me to start working on my tooth, her boobs were right in my face! She didn't seem to notice and I couldn't talk, so what was I to do? It was like a filling AND a face dance all in one! (He grins sheepishly)

At this point I'm laughing so hard I was in tears. I guess since we've been together for so long I saw the humour in all of this. And really, we just walked about paying almost 350.00 for dentist work, there should be an added bonus!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahahhaha you two are hilarious!

OHN said...

We have a bar near us that would have cost a lot less than $350.00, even with a tip :) (and the boobs would be naked, which I think guys like, I'm not sure).

Way Way Up said...

LOL......too funny!

jen said...

AHAHAHAH! I got a little tear laughing hard at this one too!

Matthew and Michele said...

LOL. :o)

The local nudie bar would have been cheaper.

Anonymous said...

So I finally read your boob story, LOL! It's a good one I must say!

Megan said...

How did I miss this last week? Great story.