Saturday, October 17, 2009

Such a little ham

I'm sorry I have been neglecting you all lately. I have honestly been super busy. My photography is really taking off and I have been doing a lot of pictures. I have 2 more sessions booked for this weekend and just finished editing the 2nd session I did last weekend. I also just received confirmation that I will be the official "in house" photographer for the Volleyball Provincial Championships that will be here in town at the end of November! Plus, combine that with my hours at work being increased to full time AND I have enrolled in a virtual college and am in the process of completing my Early Childhood Certificate and you have one busy little chickie! So to make it up to you I'm bribing you all with a super cute picture. I was doing pictures last weekend and Joey wanted to have his done also. And seriously, could you say no to this face?


Nanny Power said...

Joey is so much like Coly at that age.He is adorable.I would like to squeeze those cheeks.His smile is amazing.He looks like he could do no wrong,but I bet he starts the fights we Colby and looks at you and smiles and says not me Colby started first and say Joey I was watching you,now leave your brother alone without smiling.Oh I am so proud of all my three boys,Colby ,Joey and Alan.

OHN said...

You sound busy...but it is a good busy :)

Oh, and I may never forgive you for that triathlon video.