Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm on vacation baby!!!

I'm now officially on vacation for the next two weeks. I love working as a teacher! I should now be back on track of updating the blog more often. Here's hoping. :)

Of course, I did the boys Christmas pics, and since they have been received by family members I'm free to post them for you all to see. If I do say so myself, I have some cute kids!

I've also been busy doing christmas pictures for people here in town. This is the granddaughter of my "Metis Mommy".

My silly little puppy. Last week it dipped as low as -54 with the windchill, so I crocheted her a jacket. I'm going to do it again in a better color but I needed a template to work from. As you can see, she wore it outside!
Joey, Sunny and Katie.
Gramma Jeannine has been anxiously waiting for me to post these pictures, so a little birdy told me!


fireweedroots said...

The boys sure are handsome!

OHN said...

Can I secretly tell you that I am hoping Santa might bring me a camera? You are living my dream of taking photos that make families smile :)

Denise said...

Great job on Pebbles' coat -- very stylin'. :-)
Merry merry to you and Rob and the boys. And Miss Pebbles!

GJC said...

Great picture of the kids! And cute puppy!

-- Gil.