Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My hubby really is fantastic

I have been somewhat dissapointed with the town over the last month, but have been very careful not to say anything. This is our 2nd Christmas here, and I am the first to admit we are very comfortable here and have come to think of it as home. Every year the community has "Santa Anonymous", where every child in the community under a certain age (I'm thinking 6-7) receives a gift. Last year, the children went to see Santa for their gift. Well, this year the organizers of this event decided to hand the gifts out through the preschool (we had our own Santa) and the Elementary school (they also had a Santa dressed up). Albeit, neither Santa looked authentic (ours was our director, who is a woman) and the only children in the community who received a picture with Santa is our preschool, done by yours truly. I mentioned this in passing to Rob the other night, and he was really upset. He believes, as I do, that Christmas really is for the kids, and one of the biggest things about Christmas is getting your picture with Santa.

The Northwest Company (the parent company of the store Rob runs) provides each store with a Santa Suit, a portable printer and 3 packs of ink/paper for Santa Claus. This is something that is done for each store in the company. He has offered the use of both these items at no charge to the community, and did not receive a response. He has not done "Santa" in the store because this is always something that was done by the town. So, Santa is coming to the Northern today. We are bringing my Christmas backdrop and blocking off a corner of the store to take pictures of the kids. These pictures will be printed on the spot for parents to take home, and will be done free of charge (we are asking for a $2.00 donation to charity). The staff has really come together with this, and made 100 grab bags for the kids yesterday. Keep in mind, this conversation with Rob happened MONDAY night, and here it is Wednesday morning and we're ready to go. And the response from the town has been overwhelming. People are really excited about this, and more than a few adults have joked they are coming to sit on Santa's knee.

This is more than just a publicity stunt for his store. Yes, of course it will boost sales on the 2nd last day of shopping, and he is running some great last minute deals. But he's not doing it for that. He's doing it for the kids. Of course, there are kids in town that have had their picture taken with Santa when they have gone out of town with their parents. But there are many kids in this community who have never been out of town. He's doing it for them. It just shows how much we all love it here. I can feel roots settling. :)


Anonymous said...

Ok. Almost have me in tears. I have no doubt Rob will be single-handedly changing Christmas in your community. I am sure the impact on the kids will be of a bigger magnitude than you expect.

The true spirit of Christmas right there!!

Merry Christmas

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is super nice Tina!

OHN said...

I love you guys.

It IS all about the kids. ESPECIALLY the ones that "have never been out of town".

Valentina said...

Great job, Tina and Rob! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! your community is very lucky to have you! Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Italy xxx