Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our christmas in pictures

This ordiment is from my parents christmas tree. It was made for me and my brother when my brother was born.
Joey and his most prized possession.
My new ordiment from my mom. I think I'll hang it out all year.
Joey's first hand made ordiment from preschool. Yes, it says Pebbles.
One of the first ordiments Rob and I received as a couple. It was from Marylou and Mike and it's dated 1998.
The new ordiments I bought for the boys this year.
An ordiment from Rob's parents the year we got married.
A souviner from when we lived up North.
I bought these at a craft fair the year Colby was born.
The first ordiment Rob and I received as a couple. On the back it's dated 1997.
The first ordiment I received from Rob's side of the family. It was made my Rob's sister Nicole.
Colby's first ordiment from nursery school.
Our tree this year.
Our archway of cards.
The stockings that Kara made for us.

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I can't help but think how lucky we are. We have made a great life for ourselves here, and have some great friends that are almost like family. Although this holiday season has been tainted by the flu, we're still happy and for the most part healthy.

Happy 2010 to you all our blogger family. Here's hoping we get to meet a few of you in person this year!


Mom said...

Happy New Year my darling daughter,Rob,Colby,Joey and Pebbles.It brought a big smile to my face,the first day of 2010,when I looked at your blog and saw the ornament on your tree from here with you and B.J and all the rest.What a good way to start the beginning of a new year.My family is my life.Dad and I did a good job.We are so,so proud of all of you.Love you all.

Valentina said...

Lovely post, Tina. I love how you made the tree so personal.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Demeter said...

I hope you and your family have a fabulous year. All the best for 2010!
The tree photos are excellent!

Sandra said...

I love the ornament Colby made in preschool, I put both of mine on the tree every year as well, Tim thinks it is so funny that the kids made the ornaments in nursery school and that they are made out of ashtrays LOL