Thursday, July 08, 2004

Well, of all the things I could be doing on a Thursday afternoon I watched Oprah. They were talking about medical screw ups, which should have made me turn the channel right there. There was a woman on there that went into labor and was in the hospital 4 days before her babies were delivered. Long and short of it, one little boy is severly brain damaged and blind due to lack of oxygen. He looked like Colby and I started to bawl. Just thinking about it makes me want to bawl again. Really makes you think. Anyways, there was also a HUGE issue at work on Tuesday night, which I will just cut and paste the letter that I emailed to senior management. I wasn't going to, but now I'm glad I did. It should be interesting when I go to work today if there is anything in my email as a response.

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Anonymous said...

hi tina
it is the zamboni driver . good letter let me know what happend