Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Well, vacation is officially over and we are all back to work. We had a fabulous vacation. We took BJ and Kelly to see Spider Man 2 on B's birthday (June 30th, I can't believe my little brother is 26!) and the movie was amazing. We went camping on Friday, Sat and Sunday, and Friday night we had the biggest thunder and lightning storm that I can remember. And we were in a tent! Luckily Colby was in the motorhome with his grandparents and slept through it all. And to make it worse, our tent started to leak so we also had Chinese Water torture (dripping on the forehead). It was not nice. But, besides that it was a great weekend. Colby had a fabulous time and was very well bahaved. He ended up at one point trying to play basketball wiht a couple teenagers. It was the cutest thing to see him trying to make a basket in a regulation height net. Mom and dad found him a play basketball net on the weekend and he loved it! Of course there were pics. These are the ones from dad's digital camera. We had a family bbq on Sunday for Kassie's birthday. Everyone had a blast. The house was a little crowded, but it was fun. I think Colby now has a little bit of a cold. Kira had the sniffles this weekend I think Colby caught whatever she has. Should be a fun couple of days.

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