Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well, Happy Canada day! We got up very early this morning, with me having to wake everyone and rushing to the Sackville Days Parade. Dad was in the parade, driving the zamboni. We waited patiently for him to drive by, and when he did he didn't see us! We were not on the side of the road, but just off on the sidewalk. Colby was yelling "Poppy stop the Zamboni!". It was very cute. Pictures will be developed shortly. Speaking of pictures, Kassie spent the day with us today and we went to the Kinsmen Centre for a bbq beef supper. It was very good, and even Colby ate some. Afterwards, Colby and Kassie went outside on the grass and of course, I had my pictures! After that, Rob and Adam were finishing the baseboard in the living room (which looks FABULOUS, Rob even built a new entertainment centre) and we decided to take a drive to the Villa, as I had picked up b/w film. And with Shoppers being open today until midnight, I had to rush and get them developed. I must admit, they turned out a lot better than I hoped. I think I may actually have a knack for this photography stuff!

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