Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well as Tina has already mentioned, I gots a new truck. Not a big deal to most of you. Those of you who have trucks, know how handy it is to have one. Those of you who have a 4X4 truck, know what it means to have one! Colby Adam and I went mudding the other day. What a fun time! Colby thought it was the greatest thing in the world! He was asking me what we were doing and I was telling him that we were spraying mudd all over Uncle Adam's new truck! He was excited going through the mud, kept asking when we could put it into FWD. I told him that we only do that when we get stuck. So of course, what do I do??? I get STUCK with a capitol UCK! I was in Mudd right up to the floor boards. I was not quite high enough. Adam pulled up in his brand new chevy silerado crew cab 4x4 and hooked up to my bumper to pull us out. There was a solid sheet of mudd covering all 4 tires, no tread showing and I had things growing out of the frame of the truck. By the time I got out onto the road, lets just say there wasn't much mudd left in the field, all on the truck. What a blast. So, now all Colby wants to do is go for drives in the truck so we can get stuck. He wants to drive and put it into FWD. I'M SO PROUD!!!
Till the next time........ Here's MUDD in your eye!

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Tina said...

The testerone level is in this house is enough to choke the life right out of ya!