Sunday, April 10, 2005

Close the blinds!

We went to Rob's cousin Lynn's house last night as Lynn's sister, Rob's cousin Andrea, is in town from North Carolina. It was great to see her. We now have the truck and are loving it. There was an issue getting an anchor for the carseat put in. O'Regans was going to charge me for it as they stated that it was "policy and procedure" of Chevrolet that they would only put an anchor in for free if there was never one in the vehicle within the first 10 years. The truck is 11 years old. I called another Chev dealership in the city and they told me that they have never heard of such policy. So, I spoke with the manager of the service department and since he could not produce such policy I walked out with all my money still in my wallet. Don' t talk policy and procedure with me and not be able to back it up! I do that 8 hours a day! With Americans! HA! Colby absoutely loves riding in the truck. He is upfront and able to see everything. The boys (all the boys, Rob, Colby and Adam) went off roading yesterday. Boys and their toys. Rob and Adam are now gone fishing. The guy that lives next door to us has a very large screen TV right in front of his side window, which can be seen perfectly from my diningroom table, since that is where our patio door is. You really can't help but see this thing at night as they never completly close their blinds. Well, I came home from work the other night, glanced through (again, you can't help but not look when there is a monster TV there) and what do I see but a very large pair of BOOBS! He was watching porn! YUCK! And of course, like a bad car accident or something really gross, I found myself standing there thinking YUCK! Man, watch all the porn you want, I really don't care, but CLOSE THE DAMN BLINDS! Needless to say I try not to look in that direction at night anymore!


Rob said...

I wonder which movie it was...???

Just kidding!

Tina said...

I'll remember to wake you next time it's on!