Sunday, April 24, 2005

Suck it up Buttercup!

Rob and I started the gym this week. We joined Nu Body's and I started the weights on Friday. I have never been in so much pain in my life. My left shoulder is killing me. I'm going back tomorrow to try and work it out. I do enjoy it. The best part is that the daycare is run by Tawny's mom, and her sister Stacey works there also. Who better to leave my son with than my "other mother"? Colby loves it in there. He is not as comfortable in the evening when Rob takes him, as there are not as many kids. I took Colby to see The Atlantic Film Festival's Kids CBC presentation yesterday at Empire Theatres. Mark from Kids CBC was there, and they showed shows from the morning program. It was free and not bad. Colby was amazed. He was very taken with Mark, who is from NL. At one point, Mark invited the kids to come up on stage with him to dance to kids song, and surprisingly Colby jumped right up there! He went right to Mark and gave him a big hug. We met up with Mark outside in the lobby and he walked right up to him again, thanked him for coming, and gave him another big hug! Mark is coming back to Halifax in May for the Family Expo and I think I'll take him. At the moment, I was watching a documentary on Pompeii and just offered to change the channel for Colby. I was promptly told "No mommy, I want to see what happens with the volanco!" My kid is just too smart.

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