Saturday, April 02, 2005

On a serious note

This has been a very heavy couple of days for me. Normally I don't watch a lot of the news, because it's so depressing. I found myself caught up in the Terry Schiavo battle, and even following a daily website on her ( and was really upset by the entire thing. I do see both sides of it, but the woman had a heart attack in 1990 and has not improved in the past 15 years. I can certainly sympathize with her husband. I wouldn't want Rob to live like that, and I know he would not want to live like that. I just think how they did it was wrong and inhumane. They literally starved that woman to death. I don't care who you are, that is just not right. You treat animals with more respect than that. If an animal is suffering it is put down. I simple needle and it goes to sleep. You don't deprive it of food and water until it dies. That woman lived 14 days without food or water. It's just not right. I have also intently been watching the Pope's condition. I am catholic, admittedly not an active going to church catholic, but still catholic none the less. The poor man has been suffering for years with Parkinson's disease, and it is very obvious with the clips that the news has been showing. Honestly, part of my obsession if you will with the Pope's condition is because I read "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. He is the same man who wrote "The Di Vinci Code". If you haven't read "Angels and Demons", now of all times is the perfect time to read it. Even though I have never met or even saw the Pope, in his 26 years as Pope he has been quite active. I was watching Canada AM this morning and there were 3 people on there that were at the Youth Day in 2002 where they met the pope, and one of them said "It's like watching a family member die". That is how I feel. Everytime I went into Tawny's mother's house I saw a plate that Gina has in the livingroom of the Pope. Since I spent a lot of time in that house in highschool, many things of that house have been burned in my memory, and that is the biggest one. I'm not sure why, but when I walk into her livingroom it's the first thing I see. Maybe Terri is waiting at the pearly gates for him, 2 souls who have been suffering for so long to be finally free. That's what I hope.

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