Monday, April 25, 2005


I just came back from the gym, my workout cut short because Colby became very upset in the daycare and Gina had to come get me. The reason? He wanted to go home. He has done this with Rob the past couple times that Rob has taken him at night, and we thought it was because there were very few kids at night. Today that theory was blown straight to hell. The only thing I can think of that was different is (a) Stacey was not there as she is in England, and (b) when I went in the other woman that was working there mentioned to me that Colby got really upset the last time that he was there in the evening. Gina seems to think that this may be what triggered him. I must admit, it is very dissapointing, but what do you do? We came home and had a long talk about it, after he had some "quiet time" in his room. I can't help but think if this is the way he is now, and he is 3 1/2, what is he going to be like when I put in him pre-school in the fall? In other news, we still have not had any serious inquiries about the Cavalier. I had 1 phone call but the guy never called back. Rob, I think you may have to put it back in the Bargin Hunter again. And Adam, to answer your question, I have vacation in June, not July, and yes, I am still hoping to make it up for a day or 2 with Colby. Rob is not on vacation then so I'm thinking Colby and I will jump in the car and come up. We'll see. Genevieve, how are you holding up? You must not have many working days left at this point.


Anonymous said...

Well this is interesting. It hasn't even been a week since you publicly yelled at me "no answers on the blog UNLESS YOU POST". Yet today there are remarks to both Adam and Genevieve, without comments. Quite the double-standard I see....

I will give your friend Genevieve the benefit of the doubt since she appears to be pregnant. But Adam? I don't think he's pregnant.

Signed: Miffed in Yellowknife.

Tina said...

If you look closely, you will see that there are in FACT comments on the blog. Adam tends to comment under previous blogs and if you look under one marked "Fishin'" you will in fact see the comments that I replied to. So there! And yes, Genevieve is pregnant. I expect an apology young man! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Okay then....why do you choose to respond to Adam's comments from old blogs and ignore mine? You know what I am referring to, it was in the e-mail you so hated.

I hate eating crow, so I will try to avoid it at all cost!

One Bored Guy

Rob said...

Oh my God!!! Maybe you two should be married!

Anonymous said...

We should hang out more, we have something specific in common. We both enjoy giving Mrs. Schwartz a hard time. Let me know when you'll be in Halifax again. (I'm sure I can hear her teeth grinding now)Meow.

Signed:Laughing in Saint John.

Tina said...

You really are a bastard. And no, I like Brad, though that is beginning to dwindle, so I don't think you guys should hang out. Besides, I don't think you've ever met!
Adam can be a little slow sometimes to think of responses, which is why I answer old blogs. It can take Adam longer than the average monkey to make comments so I have to remember to keep checking back on previous blogs for him to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sweetheart, not everyone live and breathes by their computer. We may have never met, but the opportunity to team up on irritating you cannot be passed up.