Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What a day!

This was an interesting day to say the least. Colby got up and threw up all over the kitchen. Then, of course being sick, he didn't want to get down out of my arms all morning. Not that I mind, but 33lbs is a lot to carry around. We went out with Dad this afternoon to Dartmouth so I could stock up on some meats. (There is a great discount meat market in Dartmouth called the Gateway). Colby wouldn't walk, so Dad and I took turns carrying him, admittedly Dad did most of the carrying. We were both a little distracted by Mr. Sickie so when dad backed up to leave the parking lot, we backed into another car that was leaving the parking lot. Now, Dad jumped right out to assess the damage, which admittedly was very little. She stated that her bumper had been pushed out (it was bowed slightly) and then started to blame marks on her bumper happened as a result of this also. These were smudges that were not the same color as Dad's car and they wiped away when he touched them. They of course switched insurance papers. I had a bad feeling about all of this, seeing her car was approximately 1994-97 Corsica. Admittedly, in rough shape. Mom gets a call shortly after Dad goes to work from this woman who stated that she took her car to MacPhee Pontiac (of all places) and had an estimate of almost 400.00 and wanted to know if Dad wanted to pay for this out of his pocket and not go through the insurance. WTF???????!!!!! 400.00! The car isn't worth that! Dad of course being Dad called her back and laughed at her. There is nothing I hate more than people trying to take advantage of a situation. Dad told her flat out that he wouldn't pay and would wait to see what the insurance company says. I always though that in a parking lot it was 50/50. Dad and I are going over to MacPhee's in the morning to see the estimate. God help the adjuster who wrote this up. He's playing Dad's game now. I told Dad to take a picture of the damage to his car, as it may in fact alter the aerodynamics and gas consumption of his car. He may want to take it to MacPhee Pontiac also and get an estimate. This will make more sense when Dad emails me the picture of the back of his car so you can see the damage. Fuddermuckers!

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