Sunday, July 10, 2005


We had a bachlorette of sorts for Kelly last night. It was me, Lindsay, Kelly, Julie, Jessica (until she went to work) and Missy showed up. We ate lots of junk food, had many, many laughs, and since Kelly is not the "embarrasing" type, to compensate for that, the word of the day was "penis". Lindsay and I bought her a t-shirt that on the front said "Bride to be, see reverse" and on the back it said "Hi, my name is Kelly, I'm getting married in 3 weeks". We didn't let her see the back of the shirt until we went out. She wanted to go to karaoke, so we went to the Oak Mount Station in Bedford. We had a blast. Lindsay and I did a lot of laughing. Everytime we all had a drink, we would raise our glasses and yell "Penis" the same way people would yell "sociable". It was a riot. Kassie and her friend Gabby met us at the bar, as did Rob, BJ and Missy's boyfriend Alex. We had everyone in the bar sign Kelly's shirt. Lindsay took pictures with her camera. As soon as she sends me the pictures I'll post them!

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Kel said...

Hey Tina

Thanks again for the party. I had a blast, and so did everybody I've talked to. Wonder what the word of the day will be at the bachelor party?
Tee hee