Friday, July 01, 2005

Temporarily under construction

If anyone has tried to post a comment, you will see that it's currently not working. A friend of mine at work is helping me "spruce up" the site, as you can see by the links and the little weather girl. Unfortunately now we are not able to post comments. He assures me he will be able to help me fix it. It should be back up and running by Monday. Unless someone knows computer codes and can tell me how to fix it. The auto-update in the templates is not working. Anyways, I got the Grand Am back yesterday, and after Dad looked at it, it has to go back. Just fitting for this entire experience. There is overspray on the windshield and both headlights, and you can see where the attempted to blend the paint over the back door and failed miserably. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed it unless Dad pointed it out, but now that I can see it, it looks horrible. Needless to say they're not going to like me very much down there.

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