Friday, July 15, 2005

Well frig!

I just had a huge post typed out and internet explorer closed on me and I lost everything. GRRRR! Here's the news in point form because I'm not typing it all out again:

  • I have acquired another husband, bringing my grand total to 3. Rob, of course, Adam, and now Dave at work.
  • Koda has a growth on the side of his head that we initially thought was a flybite, but after a week of medication and a cone on his head, it's not getting better.
  • Wedding plans are going great, rehearsal is on July 27th.
  • Spoke with Genevieve last night and am getting excited about going to Cape Breton for Adelle's christening, Colby is spending the weekend with Mom and Dave (hubby#3) and his fiancee will be house / dog sitting for us.
  • Getting excited for vacation, and celebrating 7 years of marriage.

I think that's it. Grrr it was a great post too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey that's to bad, I'm not a fan of the point form. I enjoy a good story.