Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pineapple Crush and Snowballs!

We decided this afternoon to head to Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage to get out of the house. Little did we know that a Newfoundland Store just opened in Fisherman's Cove, and what did I see and literally squeal with delight when I saw but PINEAPPLE CRUSH! If you have never been to Newfoundland, you are probably thinking "eww", well, nope, it's AMAZING. It's one of those things that you either hate it or you love it. Well, I love it. There is a can right now sitting in my fridge that it just waiting for the right moment to open and enjoy. We also bought Snowballs, coconut filled chocolate covered marshmellow goo that just melts in your mouht and all over your face. I bought a 2L of Crush for Sandra's husband Tim and when I brought it in to her I also brought in the tray of Snowballs! Needless to say, 6 went in the house and 4 came out! I have also been asked to take pictures at a wedding next year. My new quality buddy Dave and his fiancee which ironically is my ex-rez buddy Heather are getting married next year and want me to do their photos! Yeah for me! Dave has also asked me to take pictures of his band, The Bill Kidney Band ( I really hope they choose a new name before they get "rich and famous" as Dave says) which I plan on trying to get together with them tomorrow to discuss what they want. I told them the only thing I want in return is my name mentioned on their album cover (they're in the process of cutting one which is why they want pics) and on their website,, which will look much prettier when my pics are on there! I was playing around today to see what picture ideas I could find, since I have never taken band pictures, and I found some really neat ideas. We'll see what the guys think! I know 2 of the 4 band members, so I need to get together with all of them to see what they look like together to get some pictures set up. Busy busy busy! I will also be making a new blog of the "good" pictures that I have taken, just in case I get a little bit of recognition from this exposure! I may even come to the point that I will charge for my pictures! Imagine that! I'll keep ya posted on the new blog as it develops.


Anonymous said...

I like your new blog, good luck with the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Next time your that way, could you pick me up a pineapple crush. I don't know what sizes, they have, but I would like a small.

Tina said...

They have cans and 2L bottles. Let me know what you want and I'll bring it up in September, if you're not here in August.