Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Balancing act

I am still learning the balancing act of dressing for the North. The past weekend it hovered between -35 and -45, and in my mind that's just too damn cold to go outside. Today is a balmy -26, and with the sun beating through my livingroom window it's quite toasty in here. Therein lies the problem. It's so warm in my house, that to dress to go outside by the time I get the baby ready and me ready I'm sweating. When we get outside we're comfortable, and then when we step into either the school or the Northern, you can't peel the layers off fast enough. But, you have to wear all the layers to go outside. A tricky balancing act, but I'm catching on. I think I will have to finally stop wearing my crocs outside. Although they have good traction, even the warm wooly socks can't keep my feet warm in them anymore!

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