Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random pics

Colby's teacher has a reward system to encourage good behavior. For the kids that are good, their name goes in a draw for a prize on Fridays. This is Colby's prize for the week. He always seems to pick either a journal or something new to write with. He's always with a book in his hands to write things down. I should keep them all and publish them someday. Joey has become Colby's mini -me. Whenever Colby is writing or reading, Joey is now doing the same. Colby was writing in his journal and this is how I found Joey. This Baby Einstein book is his current favorite. Thanks to a new blog I found and a recent acquirement of a fabulous new-to-me kitchen appliance, I've been baking up a storm. Gramma always bakes this time of year and we always ended up with a bunch of christmas goodies. Since the commute is a bit too long for Grammas, I figured it was time for me to try it. I still can't make her "Maids of Honour" but I'm trying.


OHN said...

You have to keep all his writings for him! Someday they will be priceless to read again. I have a huge storage container for each boy and have kept so many of their "projects" and journals etc. It is terrific to go back and read them.

Maddie said...

Colby and Joey are adorable. Poppy would be so proud to see these pictures of them on your blog if he was here right now, and your cookies are great, but I bet they taste even better. Love you all. Mom/ Nanny