Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pictures from NS that I only just now downloaded

Birthday kisses for Auntie. His shirt says "If you think I'm cute you should see my Aunt" Guess which one is my god daughter?! Uncle Lloyd's way of sneaking a peek at the girls birthday presents. Colby, Joey, Kira and Rebecca Joey and Kassie playing with a whoopie cushin WTF? My sister has boobs?? Ahhh, that explains it. Only in NS can you hang out clothes to dry on November 17.
Where we all went to dinner. Joey and Uncle Clar. I know I posted this before but they are just too cute all dressed up. Only my kid would chew on a rose. I love this. Look at Colby.
The Yellowknife airport. This is what happens when my sister does her own laundry. Only my sister. We call this the "Raisin Sweater". Joey seems to be thinking "You're nucking futs if you think you're getting this phone".

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Anonymous said...

too cute! I think Alan and Joey fought over that phone the whole time they were there. Ah well...kept them from the remote!