Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things you may not know about me

I was reading Only Half Nuts earlier tonight and she did a post about things you may not know about her and encouraged others to do the same. So here goes.

1.) I use the word "chummy" a lot. In place of words that I forget. It drove my sister foolish when I was home. For example, I just used it when talking to Rob. I couldn't remember the word for the scroll bar on the side of the screen so I said " I was hitting the chummy". During one conversation back home with Kassie I was trying to say "storage unit" and I used the word chummy instead. For the rest of my time back home, everytime I used the word chummy she replaced it with storage unit. Example: "Kassie can you pass me the chummy (meaning cup)?" "You want me to pass you the storage unit?"

2.) I can only find the other corner store in this community by driving one way. I have to turn down a specific road to get there, and if I'm anywhere else in the community such as Colby's school and want to go there, I have to backtrack to the road I know to get there. Yes, pathetic I know.

3.) When Rob is home, I have to sleep with our bedroom door closed. It drives me crazy if it's open. When he's not home, I can't sleep if the door is closed.

4.) I never walk barefoot. I always have socks and crocs on.

5.) I'm addicted to the news, both local and back home news. I read the local news online and watch the news from Halifax everyday.

6.) I never take my jewelry off. I can't remember the last time I took my earrings out, which is why I wear hoops in both sets.

7.) I always hated it when my mom and aunts called me Teenie as a child and even as a teenager, but when my neices and nephew were born I taught them all to call me Aunt Teenie.

8.) I can watch the same movie over and over and cry in the same spots everytime. Case and point? The escalator scene in Shall We Dance.

9.) I can't start my mornings properly anymore without coffee. I was never like this until I moved up here.

10.) I have to read before falling asleep in bed or I can't sleep. And, if I'm in bed for more than 5 minutes and I can't fall asleep I have to get up.

Just like OHN, I'm encouraging everyone who reads this to do this also, either on their blogs or in the comments of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Never be ashamed your "chummey". It's part of your heritage and being ashamed of your "chummey" means being ashamed of your heritage and your whatyamacalls, ah, thingamajigs, ah, ancestors.
As for Nova Scotian's correcting you, well, Nova Scotia is the only place I know where people walk in the hose, sit on the coach and talk to their couch. LOL