Friday, May 09, 2008

The Day after the Day after

Ok, so for the last two weeks I have been tormenting my Grocery Supervisor, Preston. every Wednesday and Friday he comes into work complaining and whining about his workout from the night before. "Suck it up" I keep telling him. Can't be that bad! BOY WAS I WRONG. Preston comes in yesterday and tells me again about the Tae Kwon Do classes he takes during the week at the school. OK, I have to get out and do something while I am here. I feel like a couch potatoe here. Before I left for Fort Ware, I was walking almost 5km a day to and from work, weather permitting. I ORDERED Preston to MAKE me go tonight....and he did...

TAE KWON DO IS THE BANE OF ALL THAT IS EVIL!!!! I feel like Seargent Bilko, "Make the bad man stop".

For those of you who have yet to see me in person, well, I am, well....let's just say that I am VERY well indowed in the midsection and I have Redwood tree trunks for legs. These legs are not designed to be swung up over my head in a swift sweeping motion. It's like the hulk swinging a freight train.

All that being said, I have found that the movements of the kicks are surprisingly natural. Some of them are awkward but all in all a very interesting evening. I am definitely a sucker for punishment, I am planning on going back next week. I would also like to put Colby in it and see how he makes out. I left the gym leaving with two parting comments to Preston. "If you think tonight was difficult, wait until I put you to work tomorrow you &%#$#@!" and "If I am late tomorrow, I am either dead or I can't get out of bed." Well that is all for how. I hope to be able to blog again. I have to take it easy tomorrow so I will be able to go fishing after work on Saturday! Take care all!

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elmo said...

You? Leg kicking with those tree trunks? "TIMBER!!!" comes to mind ;)