Monday, May 26, 2008

Not all it's cracked up to be

I've been in a really sour mood all day and I hope it doesn't come through here to much. It's 11:15PM, and I'm sitting here listening to Joey through the monitor. Colby had a head cold a few days ago and now Joe has it. He's not sleeping very well and I'm sure he's going to end up in my bed with me before the night is out. And, I'm also listening to my neighbours next door fu*cking around with their broken bbq! AT 11:15!! They KNOW I have small kids, and they KNOW that they are right under their window. I'm having a real hard time keeping a grip on who I now refer to as Triple T (Trailer Trash Tina) as she wants to go outside and kick some french ass. But, seeing as it is Colby's french teacher I'm holding her back. If they wake Joey I'm going out.

And, since I'm on my soap box here, can someone PLEASE tell me why no one in Hay River picks up after their dogs?! There is a large field behind my house that everyone on this street walks their dogs to and lets them shit here. This is where I was letting Colby and Joey play, until we found this out. I actually watched a woman right outside my window this morning with her dog. I was standing there, she saw me, AND SMILED AT ME as her dog was shitting right outside. I gave her the dirtiest look and shook my head as I walked away. No doubt it's a teacher in his school, since they all seem to live around me.

Speaking of this wonderful little piece of surburbia I live in, yesterday they decided to have a fire drill in our complex. Yes, you read that right, a FIRE DRILL. What is this, elementary school? Oh wait, that's who lives around us. It was almost comical. I'm sorry, if my house is on fire, you can trust that I'm grabbing my kids and heading for the door. I really don't need to practice that. And I promise, I will leave my doorstep and run as far away from the fire as I can. And honestly, the best part is when the organizer of all this decided it was time to "have the fire" she ran through our parking lot yelling


I was honestly waiting for someone in the neighbourhood to hear her and think it was real. Wouldv'e served her right to see the REAL fire department show up in all their lights and glory.

I'm going to bed. G'night all.

Oh, and just for those who need a good laugh, like I needed one today, here's the second Life Lesson from my FIL.

If you hit it with a hammer and it doesn't fix it, you have an electrical problem.

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Mongoose said...

Yeah, that may be the b*tch in me, but I have very little use for the people the schools import into our community.

As for the dog problem, yes, there was a big fuss about it last spring already, and I don't think it changed one thing. I got back into the habit when I was in Alberta, and came home with a huge supply of poop bags. I ran out more than two weeks ago and it took me until this weekend to find ONE store that carries poop bags. I bought 200, but I think I'll go back and buy all of them, just in case. Can't have too many dog poop bags.

So to answer your question, no one (but me) picks up after their dog, because I own all the poop bags. :)