Friday, May 16, 2008

Too funny

I was surfing around my morning blogs and was looking at Val's. Colby was behind me (he has no school today) and I told him that we will be meeting Val in Halifax when we get there (in 2 weeks and 6 days but who's counting). Although we have never met, I feel like Val and I have been friends forever.

While chatting with Colby, I asked him if he remembered a post that Val did for him about her car. He didn't remember so I jumped back in the archives of her blog and found it right away, by fluke. The post was from October 2006 and in the comments it was mentioned by Jody (who first "introduced" us) that we should all meet in Halifax. At the time, I was still living there and as they both have family there it didn't seem like that big of a stretch.

After we were transferred to the North, a meeting like this was furthest from my mind. What are the odds of us being in Halifax on vacation at the same time, seeing as I am way up here and she is in Italy. Well, by sheer coincidence, she is going to be in Halifax when we are in 3 weeks! What are the chances! We already have a "date" planned for the first day I arrive (did I mention 2 weeks and 6 days). I can't wait! This vacation actually works out quite funny that way. Not only do we get to meet Val, Mike and little Lily, the managers from the Northern store we were first at are travelling to NL during our vacation and have stop overs in Halifax both going there and coming back! They arrive the day after I get back from NL and leave the day before we leave Halifax. Their stop overs are a couple hours on each side. They told us they really want to see the boys, and if we want we can come along also. :) It's just crazy the way things work out sometimes.

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