Saturday, May 03, 2008

Schwartzing Around

Thanks Indigo for the great Adjective. I have to say that today really gave me a new appreciation for the Elders. I met a man today, in his late 60's. His name is George. George introduced himself today while he was buying some gas. He was on his way to being, well, Sloshed. Very nice man. He paid for his gas and hiked up to the gas pumps where Aggie left his gerry can.

I decided I was going to go for a run on the quad today to do a bit of shutter bugging and went to the end of the airstrip where I was told there was a trail and I could get closer to the river. This is where I am planning on going fishing tomorrow. I ended up on the right trail but I found that what I really needed was a skidoo. It was still quite deep but luckily there had been another quad through there earlier. I made it down to the end of the trail and came across a nice little house on the water. I shut the bike off and took a couple of pictures. Then, I see a hand in the window and there is Ole George grining from ear to ear. He comes out and is talking about this and that, most of which I cant understand as he is still pretty drunk. He lives there by himself in the middle of nowhere. He motions me over to the out cropping where he stores his 25-30 year old skidoo. He makes a point to tell me that on the really cold days in the winter when all the new skidoos wont start, his always does. He brings me out to his back yard and he has this realy nice shed made of hand cut boards. He brings me inside and shows me hi quad. A very nice machine in great shape. Makes a point of telling me how some kids stole the keys, cut the wires to the ignition switch and he has a tear in the "sleeve" as he calls it, it's the Cv boot for all you mechanical folks. Anyway, sitting on the back rack of the quad is a nice little 4 point Moose rack that he offers to me as a gift. I was floored. I know that this is a VERY small rack but it was the thought. I had only met the man hours earlier and he was thrilled to death that I had come out there and I talked to him. I told him that I was unable to take it back with me on the plane. I thanked him and told him if I found a box that was just thr right size, I would be back and I would mail it home. I think it would make a nice single Rifle mount. I am definately going to see what I can find.

I take a couple more pictures, hop back on the quad with the bald tires and head back up the trail praying the entire way that I can make it back up the couple of small hills through the snow. Here I am...I made it, and I dont think I will ever forget George. I think that I might stop out to see him sometime next week, I will wait and see if more of the snow melts.

Now, I need to talk the DSO into spending some more money on this quad with some new tires and valve stems. Here is a picture of what I saw at George's house.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Those are amazing pictures honey. Great job. And you have to find a box. That is a great story.

Indigo said...

You have the spirit that will make you at home wherever your swchartzing around takes you.