Monday, May 26, 2008

My latest laugh

I read a blog daily that I don't have listed on my side bar. The writer of this blog takes great strides to protect her identity for their own personal reasons, and I respect that. Unlike me, I just don't care who knows who I am. (For simplicity sake I'm going to call this blogger Ivy.) I put enough pics on the blog that if you passed me on the street and we lived in the same community you'd probably recognize me, or at least one or both of my kids. Anyways, Ivy made a post about how foolish people can be when talking to dogs. Ivy said a person she is friends with talks to her dog in a high pitched tone and chases her dog around trying to pet it. When Ivy asked her why she does this, she said "to make sure the dog doesn't bite". And this was her followup.

Oh yeah, because she's such a biter. She's a vicious animal all right. She's a wanted fugitive in 22 states and registered as a lethal weapon with the RCMP. She's not just gonna bite you, she's gonna rip your arm off and have it mounted above the fireplace. With all the other ripped-off arms and legs. We have a whole postal worker above the fireplace, sure we do. Well, it's not whole, but all the pieces are there. 74 pieces. Cost a fortune at the taxidermist.

I nearly peed my pants laughing. Great witted humor like this is hard to find. And it needed to be shared. I hope you don't mind Ivy.

(And as to why I named her Ivy. I saw a picture of her and she immediately reminded me of the character Uma Thurman played in one of the Bat-Man movies. The Ivy character. Book worm, timid sort of girl that you knew under the quiet demeanor was someone who would seriously kick some ass.)


Megan said...

That was hilarious. I love Ivy's blog, too.

Kellie said...


I have been reading a blog this past few days called laughter is the best medicine and it has hilariuos jokes -you should check it out - you would really get a kick out of some of them...

"Ivy" said...

Ivy loves you ladies too. :) And thanks for the compliment, Tina. Give me a truck and I'm all about seriously kicking some ass. :)