Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just for Nicole

I'm here sitting in my in law's basement with my SIL Nicole sitting here beside me. She just told me it has been 3 days since I posted and there is no excuse for not doing it. So this is for you, as you are leaving in your pink jammie pants. :)

So, to summarize our trip here, it was long and it honked. We left Hay River at 9:55 and arrived in Yellowknife at 10:30. From there we rented a car as we had a 4 hour layover until the next plane. We decided to take the boys to McDonald's for lunch before the next flight, which ended up being a HUGE mistake. Seeing as we have not had McDonald's in forever, we all ended up with a serious case of gut rot. Poor Colby was miserable, and Rob wasn't much better. From Yellowknife we flew to Edmonton, where we had to get our luggage and get on another plane to Calgary. When we picked up our luggage, one of the baggage people ripped the zipper right off one of our hockey bags. The hockey bag came around the corral with my pj pants hanging out. I don't think anything is missing but I'm not sure.

From there we flew to Calgary, and poor Colby had such bad belly pains and was so nauseous it was just a miserable flight. Once we arrived in Calgary, we had a 5 hour wait until the next flight. At this point we're all tired and cranky, and poor Colby and Rob are running back and forth to the bathroom. Luckily the Calgary airport has a great waiting lounge with oversized comfy chairs and great kids play areas. We watched the hockey game on the big screen at the bar in the airport, and from what I could see it was a great game.

We finally ended up on the plane to Halifax. We found out when we were in Calgary that they had put the boys and I in the emergency exit row, which would not be a problem except for the fact that children CANNOT be in this row. They ended up moving our seats to the very back of the plane and had Rob sitting by himself in the middle of the plane. Once we were on board the attendants managed to move some people around and Rob ended up sitting with us.

Here's a funny moment for ya. I didn't get a lot of sleep on the flight to Halifax, and Colby was awake for most of it. At one point, I finally fell asleep for Colby to wake me again to ask me something. I was so tired and so cranky at this point I was ready to cry. I looked outside and it was light outside and I looked at my watch and it was only 3AM. Rob was awake also and saw me look at my watch with a dirty look. When he asked what is wrong, I said:

"It's only 3Am! We still have 3.5 hours to go!"

Then he started to laugh. Really laugh. Then he showed me the Ipod and the clock that said 6AM. I hadn't changed my watch and was still on NWT time. I have lots of pictures that I have taken but have not uploaded them yet. We are having a family reunion / Joey's birthday party tomorrow and I will have lots of pictures to upload. And I have pictures just for you Jen. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my pink jammie bottoms.... at least mine were not hanging out of a hockey bag in the airport for EVERYONE to see!!!!! he he he he! See ya tomorrow "sis" thanks for posting, hope it wasn't to much trouble!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Nothing like everyone in the whole family having the shits across Canada!! hehehehe Thanks for the entertainment tonight!! Have a great party/reunion tomorrow!

Megan said...

Wait a minute -- you had four hours in Yellowknife? I wish I'd known.

Good to know you guys are doing well. I bet the reunion and birthday party will be awesome.

OHN said...

Seriously. Any time I am constipated I go to McD's and get a big mac. Aww hell, who am I kidding, sometimes I go there just because I like to torture my body with massive amounts of sodium poisoning.

Have a great party...hope everybodys guts are ready for party food ;)

Indigo said...