Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An update

I'm sorry Aunt Rosemary(and everyone else), I know I have been ignoring you all and enjoying my vacation time. Shame on me. :)

Our time in Nova Scotia is winding down, and I must admit we have had overall a great vacation. Rob left yesterday morning to head back to get the truck, and praying all goes well we will see him in Saskatoon on Friday. Currently the boys and I are staying at my mom's, after spending 2 great weeks in town with Rob's family.

Colby lost a tooth the other morning at Grammas and was very excited to see what the tooth fairy would leave him. Yesterday morning Colby came running upstairs and said very excitedly:

"Mom look, the tooth fairy left me 4.00 and lots of chocolate!"

HUH?? Chocolate you say. Well here's the funny part. The boys received chocolate when we first got here that I put in the freezer and honestly almost forgot to take with us. My MIL brought it downstairs where my stuff was after Colby went to bed so I wouldn't forget it, and I forgot to put it away. Since Colby and I shared a room, and it wasn't there when he went to bed, he assumed the tooth fairy left it. I was too busy trying not to laugh to explain it to him, and I still haven't.

Kassie and I went to see "The Love Guru" last night and I loved it. Colby and I went to see "Kung Fu Panda" and he loved it. I am not liking the extreme heat here, and can honestly say I won't miss it when I go. I'm currently uploading some new pics and will have them up soon.

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