Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What guys do on a "Man's" weekend away...

Ok, I have to document some of our trip on the blog. Some of you may not find this interesting, but "bear" with me... Pardon the Pun for the'll see... Ok, where to begin. Oh yeah. Let's go fishing shall we. Barry, Adam and I decided to have a weekend fishing trip to Malagash, Nova Scotia. One of the agents that works in Adam's office has a cabin there and we thought it would be better than finding someplace to tent. So, off to Malagsh. We stop along the way to take a picture of a brave Doe venturing out for some breakfast. She starts to chase after us once I get back in the truck, but gets spooked by a transport truck driving by. Good start to the day I think!

So, let's find a place to fish. The first place we find, requires a bit of a climb. If I had to guess, I would say it was about 50ft down at a VERY sharp angle down. Try climbing this in hip waders. The way up was easier to navigate but it was hard on the lungs.

So, lets move downstream a little and see if we can find a better place to fish. So, we are looking for a good spot to maybe drop the boats in the water when we come across this bridge. We stop to have a peek. Looks like there are fish in there. We can see them jumping out in the center. Man they are everywhere. We get all excited, get all geared up, head down to the water. Wait. These aren't trout. What the hell are they?? I think...yup..they're Gaspereau. We tried everything we could think of but they just weren't biting. so, pack up again and off we go.

So, lets continue on into Pugwash and gets some food and beer. Holy crap, there is a black bear over there! Breaks are applied, things go flying, we jump out ready, we are off hunting! I can just hear the voice of Lorne Green in the back of my head as we approach the ferocious black bear. We stalk our prey with our weapons. I am sporting a nice Sony Cybershot with 8.1MP and 10X optical zoom. I am sighted in on the bear and I fire, again, and again and again. Finally we encroach too much and he moves off into the woods. We head back to the truck. Adam sees him cross the field so, off we go again! We stalk him all the way to the end of the field. He's gone. On the way back to the truck, Barry, who volunteered to "protect" the gear for us while we were risking our lives in pursuit of the animal Barry has always wanted to hunt with his long bow, sees him crossing the road. So, Adam and I running like wild across the field just miss him as he enters the woods on the opposite side of the road. Barry and I walk back to the truck when we here Adam yelling to us. There he is again in the field across the road. At first the bear looks like he might run again, but decides that he is WAY to hot to be running around and decides to sun himself. We keep getting closer and closer until we are about 15 yards away. The bear never even twitches when we start coming closer. He even lets us pose for pictures with him. I have to say that this was the highlight of the trip. The bonfire is a close second but I think the bear is the best. Oh, and to top it all off, Adam, in all his engineering confidence and wisdom, loses his keys. We search all over both fields but never find the keys. Luckily we had a couple of spares. Later, after stopping for groceries in Pugwash, adam finds his keys sitting losely on his Kayak sitting in the bed of the truck with absolutley nothing to keep them from falling off the bumpy road. I have no idea how they managed to stay there.

The Man's weekend conclusion to follow!

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

You should have just reached in and grabbed one of those fish!