Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Truckers blamed for leaving bottles of pee on Highway

I gotta say, I laughed. I'm sure this is a serious problem, but really, who pees in a bottle and leaves it on the side of the road? I know a few truckers, and am related to one, and I just don't see my uncle peeing in a bottle and leaving on the side of the road. Yes, if ya gotta go, you gotta go. But I would think most responsible people would toss it at the next rest stop. I don't see this being truckers. Well, not all of them anyways. I see this being the same idiots who throw their Tim Horton's cups and cigarette butts out their windows on the highways. I'm anxiously waiting your response to this Ivy. :) Click HERE for the article in today's Halifax Chronicle Herald.

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"Ivy" said...

Seriously, you wouldn't believe what truckers will do. Where there is smoke there's usually fire, and just because some of us are normal, clean, decent, law-abiding people, doesn't mean the stereotypes have no basis in reality.