Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Off to Newfoundland

Tomorrow I get back on a plane and go to Newfoundland with my mom, brother and sister. My dad is being buried on Saturday and Saturday night all us "kids" are hittin' George Street. Pictures to follow!


Anonymous said... husband is hitting George street with two hot chicks. Don't let him get too wild and crazy!


Kellie said...

Hey Tina,
There's a really good Newfie Band playing at O'Reillys called Tarahan,hopefully the old man that does the traditional irish dance will be there but we'll have to hit Christian's to get Kass and BJ's papers and every 10 years you need to get re-certified so let the Screeching in begin!!! Across the street from O'Reilly's is a Karaoke Bar so maybe we'll have to hit that as well - oh what the heck, we might as well hit all the 200 pubs on George - PUB CRAWL!


Mongoose said...

Oh, I'm sorry your dad passed away. Have a safe trip.